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Basher is a collaborative storytelling website. Every user gets to contribute one word to each story, then other users vote on which words make it in. Soon full stories evolve, unique collaboritive works of art.

What is a "Basher"? American author Kurt Vonnegut said there were two types of writers: Swoopers and Bashers. Swoopers continually refine and revise their stories, "painstakingly, fixing everything that is just plain awful or doesn’t work." But Bashers only move forward. They write carefully, word by word, getting every sentence just right, so that "when they’re done, they’re done." Vonnegut considered himself a Basher, and so we carry on his tradition, in an all-new way.


Approve or deny words submitted by other users, get points for submitting words that others approve. Get more points for rating stories and voting on titles. Users with more points get access to exclusive features! The only punctuation allowed in words are apostrophes (') and dashes (-). You can choose punctuation (. , ! or ?) that goes before your word, but not after. You may also select punctuation when marking a story finished!

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Write amazing stories, one word at a time.

Basher turns a party game into a storytelling tool. Write one word and pass it on. Before you know it, you're the co-author of the next great story. Or a bunch of random nonsense.

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